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Take your Clash Royale gaming to the next level and join The Legend Family today. With 14 super active clans, eSports, Legend Leagues, tournaments, and an Academy – you’ll be on your way to becoming a Legend.


With 14 clans at all skill levels, the Legend Family is your home for excellent game play, team work, and skill development.

Legend Leagues, Best of the Best

Introducing The Legend League, a weekly event with prizes worth $30! We are partnering with Legendary Alliance and Gizer to provide the prize for this event open to the whole of the Clash Royale Community. The event will be hosted on the gizer app.

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Daily and weekly tournaments

Tournaments are everywhere, so as a Legend member, you’ll have many chances all week to join one. We even hold some clan-wide tournaments with massive 6500 gem prize or seasons of Pass Royale.

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One on one training/coaching

A special feature of Legend. As a member you may take one-on-one coaching sessions in any archetype. View in-depth deck guides and more. All focused on helping you get better.

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Competitive eSports teams

Legend Family has a long and proud history in competitive eSports. Our eSports team is on a continual training and seeding schedule, ready to compete at the highest levels in CRL and RPL.

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Legend Tournaments


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Enter a World of Legends

Legend Gaming is your ticket to an expansive Clash Royale universe.

No one understands the incredible Clash Royale universe better than the Legend Family. Formed shortly after the game was released, we have been part of Clash Royale arenas since the beginning. And we’ve learned a thing or two about how to get the most out of an already awesome game. It starts with creating a place for all gaming skills, styles, and tastes. We build teams, individuals, and Legends.

The Legend Family is an immersive environment with fun Clash Royale game play at it’s core. At Legend you’ll find ways to become a better player, a better team mate, and leader. We offer an Academy that has coaches ready to assist you with any archetype, strategy, or technique. From Spell/Bait, to Miner/Poison to Beatdown – we’ve got you covered. Take the next step in your Clash Royale journey and you too will become a Legend.

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Step 1

Go to the Legend Family server on Discord. This is the HUB for all Legend Family activity and communications. Once a member of the Legend Family, this is where you will congregate with fellow Legend Family members, sign up for coaching, learn about tournaments and Clan Wars. There are also many valuable resources there.

Go to HUB

Step 2

When you arrive at the HUB, please have your Clash Royale Player Tag ready so we can begin your registration into Legend.

Step 3

Review clan openings, select the clan that best suits you. Our HUB associates will assist you find the right fit, so you grow and have fun. At this time, you can also inquire about eSports, and coaching opportunities.